dsEXECUTIVE captures, manages, stores and distributes corporate information through a secure online cloud providing a premiere Electronic Content Management solution. This all-encompassing platform hosts everything from accounting and operations, to sales and safety documentation for Oil and Gas companies looking to increase efficiencies and achieve lean operations.


Designed to optimize security for its users, dsEXECUTIVE ensures information is safely communicated between employees, partners and clients. Eliminating the need for time consuming faxes, emails and phone calls, dsEXECUTIVE simplifies and safeguards documents to increase efficiency and ultimately save you time and money.


  • Customizable folder and hierarchy structures unique to your company’s needs

  • Ability to upload multiple documents in any format, of any size

  • Clients and partners can be granted access to only authorized folders to retrieve data and documents

  • Folders and files can be set up for private or shared access

  • All documents pertaining to the business are stored in one central location and are transferrable at the time of a divestiture

  • Certificate of Recognition (COR) related documents are easily placed in secure detailed file structures with the ability to share internally or externally to simplify audit processes and ensure company is compliant

  • Allow vendors to post invoices to a secure shared folder

  • Easily duplicate folder structures to multiple locations

  • Audit user activity

  • Search and sort tools for documentation

  • Secure retrieval options

  • Automatic email notification settings

  • Revision controls

“For any company that is as heavy into acquisitions and divestitures like we are, the ease of managing A&D transactions through Data Scavenger without interfering with the flow of production is really unparalleled.

The Data Scavenger service has been an instrumental catalyst in facilitating the cooperative efforts between us and our partners to share information regardless of whether it’s production related or not.”

Clinton Joseph
Canetic Resources Inc.

“As one of the Bakken’s largest non-operators, getting well reports and data is a key part of our business. Data Scavenger makes things easier on not only our end, but on the operator’s end as well. From the first drilling reports to production reports, we see more data faster because of the efficiencies Data Scavenger’s Info provides.”

Andy Weigman, Asset Manager
Northern Oil and Gas, Inc