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Our Wireless Tank Telemetry solution removes tank volume unknowns in remote locations giving you inventory visibility with electronic data for performance analysis.

Key Benefits and Features include:

  • Know the amount of product in the every tank at all times
  • Know which tanks are close to needing to be restocked to coordinate cost effective deliveries
  • Reduce site visits to gauge tank volumes, limiting exposure to hazardous fumes
  • Know if there is a leak, transfer, or theft with alerts on large sudden volume drops
  • Audit historical volumes, deliveries and pick ups from all sites electronically
  • Provide secure online access to authorized personnel either internal or third party’s such as trucking companies
  • Helps avoid: costly run-outs causing lost production, expensive emergency deliveries, short fills, unnecessary exposure or employee accidents, and significantly reduce km’s driven to dip tanks
  • Creates cost efficiencies through: saving fuel on unnecessary drive time, vehicle maintenance, and greater time to turn over a lease


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