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Your Secure Data Collaboration and Distribution Solution


dsDATA accelerates operational efficiencies, facilitating the exchange of well production data in a secure and auditable environment. Licensees, operators and approved working interest partners benefit from transmitting and receiving accurate and current production data without the need for further data conversion.

Over 90% of Oil and Gas companies operating wells with third party interests in Canada continue to use this solution for securely sharing partner data.

  • Production data is collected by the operating companies and electronically transferred automatically to Data Scavenger’s secure dsDATA database (high grade encryption AES-256 bit)

  • Data is made available only to authorized parties, non-operating Joint Venture and Royalty Partners

  • Data is retrieved electronically using custom or specific file formats such as CSV, XLS, XML and PRODML

  • Custom data exports can then be integrated directly into the partner’s operations databases for access by various disciplines within the company


Your Operations, Engineering, Accounting and Land departments, as well as Joint Venture and Royalty Partners benefit directly through:

  • Reduction/elimination of faxes, emails, and phone calls between operator and partners

  • Daily production data is available within days, not months

  • Improved accuracy of production forecasting and budgeting in areas that have significant non-op production

  • Reduction of errors caused by costly manual input mistakes

  • Lower costs of managing non-op production data

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"Our implementation of Data Scavenger in Jan 2010 has eliminated all of the emails, faxes and data manipulation previously required. On a daily basis 3rd party production data is downloaded in a single file that is fully compatible with our FDC, time to download is one minute per day, uploading data for Tourmaline’s partners is as quick and easy. As of March 2012 Tourmaline is downloading 300+wells and uploading 100+ wells each day. Without Data Scavenger this would require two administrators working full time; the cost saving to Tourmaline is substantial (without Data Scavenger 80hrs per week, with Data Scavenger 14 minutes per week). Also we are getting the data daily, not weekly or monthly data, and the quality of the data has improved, I can now create real-time production reports previously all reports were 2-4 weeks out of data."

-Tom Keenan
Tourmaline Oil Corp.

Velvet Energy

“The program is a significant time saver by automatically pulling production data from our FDC system and is efficient in sharing data with partners. Not only is the program efficient, it is reasonably priced in comparison to some of the other systems currently on the market.”

-Velvet Energy


“The setup is quick and simple with unlimited support from the Data Scavenger team.”

-Renslip Consulting

Crescent Point

"With thousands of operated and non-operated properties we simply do not have the capacity to manage the transmission of this data without an automated solution. Data Scavenger allows us to seamlessly transmit and receive the most current production data which is then rolled up into our production database for use in reporting and for other analysis."

-Ryan Keesey
Crescent Point Energy Trust


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