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Who is Data Scavenger?

Since 2003, Data Scavenger has offered a complete, data sharing solution that eliminates the need to communicate and transfer data through multiple channels. Our secure, integrated solution continues to simplify data storing, sharing and streamline work flows to ultimately save our clients both time and money.





Our Solution

dsMUNI is a fully integrated Electronic Content Management system that is specifically tailored towards addressing the needs and challenges of municipalities across North America. dsMUNI provides a secure, auditable and user friendly cloud-based solution that ultimately increases work flows and cost efficiencies within municipalities. Our solution implements data storing, sharing and municipality reporting capabilities into one integrated system that is fully managed and supported by our dsMUNI Customer Experience Specialists.


Electronic Document Storage & Records Management System

Electronic Document Storage & Records Management System

dsMUNI provides a premium electronic content management solution that centrally stores your critical information and records on the dsMUNI-Data Scavenger cloud. Our solution further reduces the paper, emails, faxes and phone calls required to share data throughout your respective county and municipality. This all-encompassing platform has the ability to host your municipalities’ documents and data, no matter the format or the size.

dsMUNI Offers Our Premium Valet Services Which Includes:
  • Free Implementation
  • Free & Unlimited Training
  • Free Remote & On-site Support
  • Free Upgrades

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Key Features

Key Features

  • Customizable folder and hierarchy structures unique to your municipalities’ needs.

  • Ability to upload multiple documents in any format, in any size.

  • Fully supported and managed by our dsMUNI Customer Experience Specialists.

  • Retire documentation when a retention date is reached, while maintaining full auditability.

  • Utilize dsSYNC to retrieve, post or revise documents off-site, while providing a redundant backup of all critical information.

  • Easy sharing and retrieval.

  • dsMUNI maintains a secure environment where information is able to be shared and retrieved amongst municipalities and vendors from one location.

  • Easily duplicate folder structures to multiple locations.

  • Audit user activity.

  • Allow vendors to post invoices to a secure shared folder.

Our Community


At Data Scavenger we value community involvement and is why we proudly support countless community driven programs that everyday strive to make a positive impact throughout Alberta.

Contact us to find out how dsMUNI is committed to working with municipalities to better serve the goals and interests of the surrounding dsCOMMUNITY!

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